Thank You For Another Great Year!


We at The Poker Pub would like to extend a big thank you to all that came out to play with us this year.
Fun was had by all and tons of prizes were given away!


We gave away over 10 trips to Las Vegas, 36 seats to The Poker Pub National tournament, $18000 cash and a $1500 seat in to the World Series Of Poker. We are expecting even bigger and better things in the year to come.

We have come so far over the last four years and we would not be where we are without you! Please continue to share your thoughts and concerns with us as we move forward. Have a story to share? A comment or suggestion? Let's get stronger together!!

We understand that times are tough and money is tight so we are giving you the chance to have a night out for 1/2 price.  The winner of each nightly session will have will get 50% of their tab paid (we will pay up to $10 of your tab at the time you reach the final table).  This is your chance to come out and enjoy the evening with your friends and receive 50% off of your tab!!   

Don't forget to play at Quincy Magoo's Saturday Oct. 24 @ 12 and 3pm for the Tournament of Champions Qualifier. Win a seat in the 2010 Poker Pub National Tournament and qualify to win a full trip to Las Vegas! Hope to see you there!

Monday: Tornado Lounge win a $10 gift certificate @ 7 & 10pm

Tuesday: Tornado Lounge bounty night, receive 50 points for each player you take out plus win a $10 gift certificate @ 7 & 10pm

Wednesday: Turtleheads win $50 @ 9:30. Min 28 players per round

Thursday: Quincy Magoo's win $15 @ 7 & 9:30. Min 28 plyers per rd

Friday: Jukebox double points & double qualifier cards @ 7 & 10pm

Saturday: Jukebox bounty night, receive 50 points for every player you take out.

Team play!!

Sept 28 - Dec 6 - Win $500 spending cash and a private party for you and your friends! The party will include food and a keg of your favorite beverage for you and your friends.

Here's your chance for you and your team to win a great party and some spending cash! Here's how it works -

A team will consist of 2-3 players. All teams must register with the Poker Pub, and can register at any time, even after the team Challenge has begun by sending an email to or by filling out a registration form at a nightly location . This is the only email that will accept registrations. The email/registration form must include the names of both players, the team captain, the team captain's phone number and the team name. Team names may not include curse words, vulgarity or slurs of any kind.

To receive points any team member must place in the top 8 at any nightly tournament. Players do NOT have to play at the same locations, or even together. In fact, from a strategy perspective, it is best to play at different locations to avoid taking your team out. Here are the requirements for points (remember this is only for placement in the top 8):

3-5 times=25pts 6-8 times = 50pts
9 times = 100pts** this is the maximum weekly points allowed!!

Team Members will receive more points for placing in the top 3 at any nightly game!
1st place= 3pts x table multiplier 2nd place= 2pts x table multiplier
3rd place= 1pt x table multiplier

The Table Multiplier is determined by the number of tables the tournament started with.
The following is the table multiplier table (same as regular points multiplier table):

1-2 Tables = 1x 3-4 Tables = 2x 5-6 Tables = 3x
7+ Tables = 4x

A week is Monday - Sunday, your team must place in the top 8 at least 3 times in a week to receive points other than participation points.

The team with the most points after Dec 6 will automatically win the grand prize! In case of a tie, there will be a playoff between the teams. The playoff will be a heads up challenge.

10 teams=$100 11-20 teams =$150 21-24 teams=$200

25+ teams= Win $500 and a private party for you and your friends! The party will include food and a keg of your favorite beverage for you and your friends.

Points will be updated every week.
The team play will be held from Sept 28th through Dec 6th. You do NOT need to be a current Poker Pub player to be part of a team. For any questions or to register your pair, please email us at,

** Not subject to double points nights
** Players will still receive regular nightly points
** Team points are not added to regular points
* * Placement at the final table for qualifiers and TOCs DO accumulate points for the Team Challenge

** There will be no substitutions. A team from the start will consist of the same players through the entire promotion.

** Deadline to sign up will be October 15th.

* * Teams will be disqualified if they have been asked to leave any venue for any reason including unsportsmanlike conduct, verbal or physical

Border War XIII will be held November 1st @ 5:00pm at Downstream Casino. The payout will be as follows.

1st $1200

2nd $500

3rd $350

4th $250

5th $150

6th $125

7th $100

8th $75

9th-11th $50

12th Tournament buy-in

Bounty on Zach and April $50 each

Bounty on North tournament buy-in

There will be NO FEE to play but we will offer a $10 add-on for $2000 chips. This is a dealer appreciation add-on and all money will go to the dealers as tips. Start earning your points for the next Border War at Downstream Casino Resort and earn your shot at the $3000 prize pool. You have until Oct 15th to qualify for this event. Don't forget, if you aren't able to be one of the top 45 points leaders, you will still have your chance to make The Border War by being selected as a wild card (The wild card will be chosen from faithful poker pub supporters, players who continuously support their bars and servers when they are able to come out and play).

Come out to Turtleheads on Wednesdays and Quincy Magoo's on Thursdays both @ 7 & 9:30 and win $25 CA$H at the 9:30 rounds. (must play both sessions, minimum 28 players) We look forward to seeing you there and GO ALL IN FOR FUN!!!!


Starting Sep 21st, The Poker Pub will begin having new and exciting giveaways. We will be playing for different prizes quarterly. Not only will you have a chance to win a trip to Las Vegas and a seat in The Poker Pub national tournament but you will also have a chance to win WSOP buy ins, WSOP and WPT bootcamp seats (where you will learn from the pro's). The Poker Pub will not only have the quarterly Border War for $3000 for the top 45 points leaders but we will begin having a $500 cash tournament every 6 weeks for anyone who has earned 100 points for that time period. We will be giving away more freerolls, better prizes, and more seats to the WSOP than anyone else! We are making some changes that we feel will bring the FUN back to "FREE" poker in Springfield.

The Tournament of Champions structure has changed. The new TOC structure is as follows:
Players will qualify nightly for the tournament of champions qualifier. At the qualifier the top 32 players will advance to the finals with the winner of the qualifier receiving a seat in The Poker Pub national tournament along with $50. We will no longer have 2 qualifiers in one day, instead we will be playing 1 round qualifiers with extended blinds to allow you the chance to play poker.
We are open to any suggestions and comments you may have.
Thank you,
Zach and April
Downstream Casino was more colorful than ever when The Poker Pub players from around the area were in town to compete in The Border War. Several players from Springfield were wearing Hawaiian shirts in memory of Clell Harmon. 129 Poker Pub players showed up to play in the 10:00 am $30 tournament. Taz and O'L (two Springfield players) chopped the morning tournament for $1000 each.
When it came time for The Border War, the room was buzzing, with everyone gunning for Fred "Woo' Johnson. The early action brought tales of both survival and success. Chicken Hawk was one of the players gunning for Fred "Woo" Johnson. Chicken Hawk continued his hyper-aggressive attack mode and knocked Mr. Woo out within the first 45 minutes. As play continued, players gained liquid courage and made amazing calls that brought them great success. With the blind levels reaching $10k and $20k there were 14 players remaining. Stacks were short and blind levels climbing, the remaing 14 players decided to chop for $165 each. A great day was had by all with several players walking away with pockets
full of cash! It is time to start earning your points for the next Border War at Downstream Casino Resort. Check your homepage for the game closest to you.

Beginning Friday June 26th, Jukebox will be changing times to 7 & 10pm on Friday and Saturday nights. They will not open until 6:30pm. So we will be giving 1000 extra chips for being 30 minutes early and 500 chips for being 15 minutes early. Also, on Sundays, we will only be playing one game at 8:30pm. Jukebox won't open until 8:00pm. same chip rule will apply. Come out on Sunday and win $25 CA$H!!!!!

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