FINALLY! We have added a Friday location!

Jukebox Saturday Night will begin playing on Fridays on April 27th @ 6:30 & 9 pm. Come join us for opening night and win $50 CASH at the 9 pm round. (must play both rounds and have a minimum of 4 tables each round) Also, receive DOUBLE POINTS for both sessions.

This points session has been extended

Due to the change in casino sponsors we are extending BorderWar V's points session. This points session will now end on June 15th. BorderWar V will be held at BORDERTOWN CASINO in Seneca, MO on Sunday June 24th at 3pm.


Due to Frank Huffman's benefit on Saturday, April 21st, The Poker Pub's Tournament of Champions will be rescheduled for Saturday, May 5th @ Noon and 3pm @ J-Town. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. Also, there will be NO POKER on Saturday, April 21st. Please join J-Town to benefit Frank Huffman and help him recover from his very serious accident!

Quapaw Casino has closed their poker room until further notice. Therefore we will not be holding the BORDER WAR V at Quapaw. We are currently working on securing a new location and will let everyone know as soon as we have a new location. Stay tuned for more details!!!


Looking to earn some extra money? We are looking for new bars to hold No Limit Texas Hold Em tournaments. If you know of any bar on the East Side that may be interested, let us know. If we sign them up, we'll give you $$$. Please call the office at 417-483-0992 or E-Mail us at Thank you!!

Border War IV Results


NWARK and Springfield chop it up!

Springfield maintained their Dynasty with a VERY STRONG finish yet again at Border War IV! Quapaw Casino was even CRAZIER on February 11th when Poker Pub players from around the area were in town to compete in Border War IV. A record 151 players showed up to play in the 10:30 am $25 buy-in tourney held every Sunday at Quapaw and earned 300 points toward the new quarter. Zach made a strong finish along with several other Poker Pub players in the 10:30 am tournament. Springfield looked to be a factor when we went to the final table with 6 players from Springfield in the top 10, it was no surprise that they held on to one of the top spots. Shanna Johnson from NWArk and Mark Ellis from Springfield chopped first and second with Donna Ellis coming in third. Joplin's Dave Bloomstand finished eighth and was the last man standing from Joplin for the second Border War in a row.

Here is a listing of the top ten finishers.
1st Shanna Johnson NWARK and Mark Ellis
3rd Donna Ellis
4th Dalton Kuse
5th Victor Staelens
6th Zach Warren
7th Mike Garrison
8th Dave Bloomstand
9th Stewart Rowan
10th Mark Nielsen

The Poker Pub National Tournament will be held on June 5th in Las Vegas.

All players who have won seats must contact The Poker Pub of SWMO no later than Wednesday Feb.14th to reserve their seat @

The Poker Pub of SWMO has attempted to contact each winner at the email/ address/ phone numbers they provided on their winning certificates. If you have won a seat at a TOC and have a change in email, address or phone number; you must notify The Poker Pub of SWMO of these changes.
The Poker Pub of SWMO is not liable for the loss of a trip/seat to any player who has not informed us of any changes in contact information or did not provide adequate information upon winning the tournament.


Finally, here is a list of the players qualified to play Sunday Feb 11th at 3:00pm at QUAPAW CASINO in Miami, OK for BORDER WAR IV! Please email or call April and confirm that you will be attending so I can give the casino an accurate count of players. Congrats to Carl Miracle for being the overall points leader and the winner of $100 CASH and Dave Yoos for coming in a close second with $50 CASH! The bounty is now on Carl! If you feel you should be on this list please email me with date, time, and location of points I have omitted. Email to or call April @ 417-483-0992! A big THANK YOU to everyone for playing!

Also, please plan to play in the 10:30 am $25 buy-in tournament QUAPAW and receive 300 points towards the next points session. It should be a huge tournament with a great pay-out and remember everyone can play at 10:30!

1 41164 CARL MIRACLE 6595
2 22033 DAVE YOOS 5960
3 50954 LEWIS SLONIKER 5900
4 38129 ROGER PIRTLE 5420
5 9801 B.K. GUGARIA 3700
6 19625 crystal davis 3670
7 11345 JESSE POWERS 3645
8 15495 MARY GRAHAM 3460
9 54247 joseph madden 3410
10 23048 DAVID MCREYNOLDS 3165
11 29856 Ronald Cook 3145
12 27794 MARK NIELSEN 3005
13 3880 DEAN OLIPHANT 2865
14 9784 BAY CARRIER 2610
15 3570 BRENDA BRAND 2550
16 22030 RANDY REED 2485
17 52497 Keith Ericksen 2440
19 50956 MANUEL MEDEIROS 2340
20 45395 DAVID BLOMSTAND 2245
21 3540 JOHN BANDY 2235
22 10407 KIMBER WHITE 2195
23 45389 Chris Paulson 2175
24 12105 LIBBY TABOR 2155
25 10365 BRIAN HENSON 2145
26 40777 SHANE GERBER 2125
27 26563 ERICA HUBBARD 2075
28 26542 Marsha Oliphant 2015
29 26577 Mike Kilgore 1960
30 9927 Debbie Solomon 1930
31 36065 BOBBY ROSE 1860
32 45386 paul holsombach 1820
33 9910 The Fish Hubbard 1795
34 13789 REX LEEPER 1750
35 3647 DEB ELLIS 1740
36 26522 STEWART ROWAN 1740
37 32767 BRIAN BRAND 1740
38 11330 JOSH JAMES 1740
39 44388 FRED HOLLAND 1740
40 9767 Jeff Miller 1740
Geoff Jones
Chris Pursley
Justin Jackson
Eddie Livingston
Joy Gugaria
Don Means
Frank McNamara

Code of Conduct will be enforced!!!

Effective immediately The Poker Pub will be enforcing a new Code of Conduct. It has been brought to our attention that there have been some problems with verbal and physical attacks during poker, therefore the 3 strike rule will apply to anyone caught attacking another player verbally or threatening physical abuse. The first strike will result in a 2 week suspension, strike 2 will result in a one month suspension and strike 3 will result in being banned from The Poker Pub for life. The tournament host must witness the attack so if you are having a problem please contact your host immediately. Remember this is free poker and it is for fun. If you are not having fun or are causing others to not have fun you may be asked to leave. If anyone is caught getting into the tool box, color up case or any of the equipment you will be suspended for 2 weeks. If you are caught taking chips, cards or anything else that does not belong to you, you will be asked to leave forever.


Please join us on Christmas night @ 7 & 10 @ Silverado's for the WHITE ELEPHANT gift exchange between rounds!

Also, bring in the NEW YEAR at JTOWN on New Years Eve for special prizes and TRIPLE POINTS!

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