The Poker Pub National Tournament will be held on June 2nd in Las Vegas at The Sahara Hotel. This is your chance to test your poker skills against other players from around the country. The winner of The Poker Pub National Tournament will receive a $10,000 SEAT into the WORLD SERIES OF POKER!
If you weren't able to win your trip to Las Vegas, you can still come along for the fun. We will be staying in Las Vegas for 3 nights and 4 days. Departing on Monday June 1st and returning on Thursday June 4th.This is a trip you won't want to miss. If you would like to come along and cheer on your friends please contact us and book your trip on The Poker Pub PARTY PLANE (contact us at thepokerpub@AOL.COM)!
The Las Vegas Sahara Hotel opened in 1952 and is known for featuring top performers over the years, including the original Rat Pack, Tina Turner, the Beatles, Johnny Carson, and Ann-Margret. Fast forward to today, there is certainly no shortage of exceptional entertainment. An innovative roller coaster, SPEED, is launched from inside the NASCAR Café at the Sahara Resort Casino and accelerates to 70 miles per hour in 2 seconds. Utilizing electromagnetic force, SPEED accelerates to high speeds instantaneously, causing a G Force of 3.5!


At the NASCAR Cafe, the 35,000-square foot Las Vegas Cyber Speedway will fulfill your need for speed! Mounted on hydraulic bases, the Cyber Speedway cars provide a realistic simulated race car driving experience.

All players who have won seats must contact The Poker Pub of SWMO no later than Monday Feb 23 to reserve their seat in The Poker Pub National Tournament @

The Poker Pub of SWMO will attempt to contact each winner at the email/ address/ phone numbers they provided on their winning certificates. If you have won a seat at a TOC and have a change in email, address or phone number; you must notify The Poker Pub of SWMO of these changes.
The Poker Pub of SWMO is not liable for the loss of a trip/seat to any player who has not informed us of any changes in contact information or did not provide adequate information upon winning the tournament

Starting Tuesdays December 16th, Up In Flames Wood Fire Pizza and Pasta will begin playing @ 6:30 and 9:30. On opening night, we will be giving away *$50 to the winner of the second round. For the first four weeks, Up In Flames will be triple points. So come out and join us at our new location. *(minimum 24 players each round)

Up in flames has a variety of specialty pizzas. Sink your teeth into our delicious Margarita Supreme, Maui Wowi, or Garden Vegi Pizza. Not into the exotics? That's OK, you can build your own starting with the Up in Flames Classic Cheese Pizza.

Check out our lunch buffet, served 7 days a week from 11am - 2pm. Buffet includes wood fired pizza, pasta and salad bar for $6.99 per person.

Sunday and Tuesday night adult buffet only $7.49, includes pizza, pasta & salad bar, 5pm-8pm only.

Starting Oct 13th-Dec 31st we will begin our BRING YOUR FRIENDS AND CA$H IN PROMOTION! This will be a tournament where the winner will receive a TRIP TO LAS VEGAS AND A SEAT IN OUR NATIONAL TOURNAMENT. Here is how it works. For every new player you bring in or player who hasn't played in 6 months you will earn 50 points. Everyone who brings in 10 players or more will earn entry in to the BRING YOUR FRIENDS AND CA$H IN TOURNAMENT. With each additional player you sign up you will receive $100 extra in starting chips for this event. When signing up new players, the registration must be filled out completely, write your name along with your email on the back so we know who gets credit for bringing in the new player.

The Poker Pub is giving the gift of $350 CASH on December 21. Santa wants you to relax and enjoy the holiday season with some "FREE CASH" from The Poker Pub. Between Nov 12th and Dec 20th the winner of each round will qualify for the CHRISTMAS CASH GIVEAWAY. This tournament will be held at Roadhouse Saloon on Sunday December 21 at 2pm.

1st place-$200

2nd place-$100

3rd place-$50

We will have our regular session that day @ 6 and 9pm with a Dirty Santa gift exchange after the 6pm tournament.

All participants bring their gift to "the pile." Gifts are wrapped, but are not labeled to reflect a sender or recipient. Gifts are typically inexpensive, humorous items or used items from home; the term Dirty Santa refers to a gift whose cost exceeds its usefulness.

All participants draw a number to determine their order. The participant with #1 unwraps any gift from the pile and then shows it to everyone (The person that goes first also gets an additional turn at the end). Each successive participant, in the order determined from the drawing, can either 1) "steal" an already opened gift (if there's one they really like) or 2) be adventurous and go for a wrapped gift from the pile. If the participant chooses to steal, the person whose gift is stolen now repeats their turn and either 1) steals another person's gift (they cannot immediately steal back the gift that was just stolen from them) or 2) unwraps a new gift.

Since items can be stolen, the item in your possession is not yours until the game is over (i.e. a food item cannot be eaten until the game is over). However, the a gift is "dead" or "safe" after it has been stolen 3 times.

Monte Heuton had what it took to win the first $1500 WSOP seat giveaway from The Poker Pub. Monte outlasted a field of 160 players and played solid poker for over 9 hours. Monte came to the final table short stacked and patient. On the final hand Monte limped in for 60k with pocket kings. The flop was 4,5,6 with two spades. Joseph Allan bet 125k on the flop, Monte pushed all in for 425k more. Joe paused for a minute and called the 425k bet with 8,9 off. The turn was a 2 the river a J. This hand left Joe with 5k in chips and was knocked out the next hand. Monte won The Poker Pub WSOP giveaway, which includes an entry into the $1500 buy-in event at the 2009 World Series of Poker.

Monte was cheered on most of the day by his brother Mike, and several friends who were knocked out of the tournament earlier in the day. They stayed at Roadhouse Saloon to cheer on their favorite poker player. Everyone played solid poker and the event seemed to be a success. The next WSOP giveaway begins in January 2009.

FINALLY, Joplin wins a Border War!!!! Joe Groce from Joplin and Leslie Thomas from Fayetteville were the last 2 players standing in Border Wars 9. They agreed to chop up the money, taking home $750 each and play a final hand for the title and the PARTY. Joe rivered a straight and took down the title. Leslie had made an AMAZING come back to end up heads up. When the blinds were 10k and 20k she had 4k in chips and was "ALL IN" in the blind. She won the hand to triple up and was all in again with JJ which held up which was good for a quadruple up. From there she was on auto pilot to heads up. Joe on the other hand was a dominate force throughout the whole tournament, coming to the final table as one of the chip leaders. He also won April's $50 bounty cracking her AA with Q 10, the flop was 10 10 5. GREAT JOB LESLIE and JOE! Here is a list of the rest of the final table and payouts. Curtis Walbe NWARK $300, Glyn Moppin NWARK $200, Paul Chowning JOP $100, Buck Conway JOP $75, April Borup SGF $75 and last SGF player, Thomas Fenner NWARK $50, Tim Carpenter SGF $50, James Deer SGF $50.

Also, the morning OMAHA tournament went much better than I expected. We had 84 players and I'd say 75 had never played before. But I think overall everyone had fun and some even left saying they liked it and would like to play again. The final table at the Omaha tournament was POKER PUB packed with Victor Staelens from SGF winning over $600. Laura Patterson (3rd) & Craig Thomas (4th) cashed from NWARK. Jay Cote NWARK was the BUBBLE. Kyle Glendenning (2nd), Joe Borup(5th), Cari Breckenridge (6th), Sandy Cheatum(7th), and Rick Gerard (8th) all cashed from SGF. Brent Patton was 10th and the only player from Joplin to make the final table.

All in all the day went well and I look forward to BORDER WAR 10.

Here is your chance to play with the pros and WIN $$$
We are excited to announce our latest promotion! We are giving away seats to the World Series of Poker 2009 $1500 WSOP Buy In and travel package starting in June 2008! That's right, YOU now have a chance to WIN one of these GREAT NEW PRIZES just by playing "NO ENTRY FEE ~ NO LIMIT TEXAS HOLD'EM" with The Poker Pub of SWMO!
We are starting our new WSOP Bracelet Event Buy qualifying the top 4 of each round nightly Here is how it works:
Players who make it to the final 4 of any session will receive invitation cards, however, we will now be playing a qualifier every 4 to 6 weeks for the WSOP. Each card a player gets will continue to be worth $100 chips in the qualifier event and the qualifier will continue to have 2 sessions. The change in structure will be the top 24 of each WSOP qualifier will get a card for the WSOP finals tournament. The first invitation card will get a player into the WSOP qualifier and if they qualify more than once, the additional cards will be worth $500 chips each with no one being able to start the WSOP tournament with more than $1000 in extra chips. The WSOP tournament will be held the same way the TOC is currently run with 2 sessions playing down to the final 4.
In addition to the final table of 8 @ the WSOP tournament, there will be one wild card seat. The final table will be a 9 person event. The wild card will be chosen from faithful poker pub supporters, ones who continuously support their bars and servers. To qualify for the wild card seat, play 14 tournaments per week or for every $50 (not including tip) you spend on any night during poker you will receive an entry into a drawing to be the 9th player at the next WSOP tournament final table. Give the tournament host a copy of your receipt to be entered. The new structure is designed so no player will have a huge chip advantage over other players, reduce tournament field, and as always to have fun.
Finals tournaments (times, dates & location in Joplin TBA) where the WINNER will receive a seat in a **WSOP $1500 Buy In bracelet event at the 2009 WSOP & lodging for two!
**The 2009 WSOP event schedule has not been posted yet. Lodging will be for 2 people for 3 days & 2 nights. Payouts at WSOP events vary depending on the number of entries. Some restrictions apply.
GOOD LUCK to you all! Come out EVERY MONTH, earn your qualifying cards to these special events and take your shot at a chance to play with the Pros and WIN $$$!
The World Series of Poker reserves all rights.
The Poker Pub of SWMO reserves the right to alter or cancel promotions at any time.

The Ultimate Vegas experience finals will be this Sunday May 3rd @ 12 & 4pm @ Roadhouse Saloon! The winner of Ultimate Vegas experience will receive airfare, limousine transportation from the airport to The RIO ALL SUITE HOTEL AND CASINO LAS VEGAS (home of the World Series Of Poker), dinner at THE WORLD FAMOUS Village Seafood Buffet, a spa package, seat in The Poker Pub National tournament, and a experience you wont forget!

GAME TIME GRILL & BAR in Carthage has switched to Monday nights! Mondays will be PAY DAY at GAME TIME GRILL & BAR! The Poker Pub will be giving away CASH on Monday nights. The winner of the second round will receive $30 and second place will receive $10 ( min 24 players per round)For those of you that haven't had a chance to try it yet, the food at GAME TIME GRILL & BAR is fantastic! GAME TIME GRILL & BAR will host sessions EVERY MONDAY at 7 & 10PM starting on March 9th! GAME TIME GRILL & BAR has pool tables, dart boards and plenty to do after you bust out of the tournaments! We will be awarding *DOUBLE POINTS at GAME TIME GRILL & BAR for the first 4 weeks!

Tornados loves The Poker Pub players so much, Brian has decided to add Monday nights. Starting Jan 19th @ 7 and 10pm Tornados will be hosting tournaments on Monday and Tuesday evenings. Monday Jan 19th The Poker Pub will be giving away $30 to the winner of the second session( min 24 players per round).

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