Tournament changes

For the next 2 weeks we will not be awarding any points. We will be calculating your points for this quarter and then post the top 100 points leaders. In the future we will be having a point's tournament each month for our top 50 points leaders. We are going to be doing away with our second round prizes such as chipsets, pool cues, table tops, etc.
We will be awarding a first round prize for both of the rounds each night. These prizes will consist of card guards, DVD's, poker books, t-shirts, etc. The money that we are saving on nightly prizes will then be put aside for the month and played for at the end of each month by our top 50 points leaders. This tournament looks to have a payout of $500-$600 each month!!
So now not only can you win great nightly prizes but you can also win a great payout at the end of each month along with monthly trips to Las Vegas! SO COME OUT AND PLAY, WIN YOUR CARD GUARDS, YOUR TRIP TO VEGAS AND MAKE IT IN THE TOP 50 EACH MONTH TO WIN SOME SPENDING CASH.