Border War XIII will be held November 1st @ 5:00pm at Downstream Casino. The payout will be as follows.

1st $1200

2nd $500

3rd $350

4th $250

5th $150

6th $125

7th $100

8th $75

9th-11th $50

12th Tournament buy-in

Bounty on Zach and April $50 each

Bounty on North tournament buy-in

There will be NO FEE to play but we will offer a $10 add-on for $2000 chips. This is a dealer appreciation add-on and all money will go to the dealers as tips. Start earning your points for the next Border War at Downstream Casino Resort and earn your shot at the $3000 prize pool. You have until Oct 15th to qualify for this event. Don't forget, if you aren't able to be one of the top 45 points leaders, you will still have your chance to make The Border War by being selected as a wild card (The wild card will be chosen from faithful poker pub supporters, players who continuously support their bars and servers when they are able to come out and play).