Negreanu's Protege Event

The Poker Pub is pleased to announce an Exclusive offer for our players!! All TPP players are invited to come out to EVERY nightly tournament and play for a chance to become Daniel Negreanu's protégé!! The poker pub is the ONLY free poker league in the nation that is offering this opportunity, exclusively for YOU!

Starting September 18th through October 20th, the final table of each nightly session in the Joplin Area will win an entry into a Special Qualifying Tournament (Saturday Oct 21 @ 6:00 pm @ JTOWN). The top 32 from the Special Qualifying Tournament will advance to play in the regional Qualifying Tournament (Sunday Oct. 22 @ 4:00 pm @ JTOWN), where the winner will advance to play in a tournament of 8 Poker Pub players from around the nation. This “Final 8” tournament will be held in Phoenix, AZ (Saturday Nov. 4) transportation will be provided. The winner of the “Final 8” tournament will win a seat in a special 10 person on-line single table tournament. The winner of the 10 person on-line event will win a trip to Nassau, Bahamas and a seat at a 9 person live single table tournament. The winner of the Bahamas tournament will become Daniel Negreanu's protégé!
The top 8 at each local qualifying tournament and all players who participate in the “Final 8” tournament in Phoenix, AZ will be awarded prizes, courtesy of Daniel Negreanu and The Poker Pub.

This is your opportunity to learn from one of the best Poker Players in the WORLD, and become the next “big splash” in the poker world!!

Daniel Negreanu's protégé grand prize package includes, but is not limited to, the following awards and privileges.

Priceless instruction and interaction with Daniel Negreanu

• The day after the protégé final table, the newly crowned protégé will spend a full day with Daniel, and together, they will outline a strategy for helping the protégé take his/her game to the next level
• Before, during or after each of the four (4) $10,000 buy-in poker tournaments, the protégé will spend quality time with Daniel going over strategy
• The protégé will be given a special e-mail address to correspond directly with Daniel about poker strategy and to ask any poker related questions
• The protégé will be invited to some of Daniel's exclusive poker events and appearances throughout the four months
• A closing party in Las Vegas will be planned for the protégé at the end of his tenure

Awards for achieving this grand accomplishment

• Four (4) month tenure with priceless, personal instruction from Daniel Negreanu
• (4) $10,000 buy-ins into major poker tournaments.
• Staking by FCP to test your abilities at different cash games and limits (at Daniel's sole discretion)
• Expenses at each tournament for travel and entertainment
• A special e-mail address to correspond directly with Daniel about poker strategy and to ask any poker related questions
• A specially engraved Luxury Watch commemorating Daniel Negreanu's protégé winner (retail value $2,000)
• Induction into the FCP Hall of Fame on the FCP website
• A closing Party in Las Vegas in honor of Daniels protégé at the end of his/her tenure
• BONUS OPPORTUNITY - Plus, if Daniel Negreanu's protégé wins any of the four major tournaments, he/she will earn an option to sign a management contract with poker's premier agency - Poker Royalty

Good Luck and "GO ALL IN"