Monte Heuton is set for the WSOP

Monte Heuton had what it took to win the first $1500 WSOP seat giveaway from The Poker Pub. Monte outlasted a field of 160 players and played solid poker for over 9 hours. Monte came to the final table short stacked and patient. On the final hand Monte limped in for 60k with pocket kings. The flop was 4,5,6 with two spades. Joseph Allan bet 125k on the flop, Monte pushed all in for 425k more. Joe paused for a minute and called the 425k bet with 8,9 off. The turn was a 2 the river a J. This hand left Joe with 5k in chips and was knocked out the next hand. Monte won The Poker Pub WSOP giveaway, which includes an entry into the $1500 buy-in event at the 2009 World Series of Poker.

Monte was cheered on most of the day by his brother Mike, and several friends who were knocked out of the tournament earlier in the day. They stayed at Roadhouse Saloon to cheer on their favorite poker player. Everyone played solid poker and the event seemed to be a success. The next WSOP giveaway begins in January 2009.