Springfield maintained their Dynasty with a VERY STRONG finish yet again at Border War VII and were able to BRING HOME THE CASH by chopping 3 ways with 1 NWARK player! Bordertown Casino hosted the best BORDERWAR yet on January 13th when Poker Pub players from around the area were in town to compete in Border War VII. 186 players showed up to play in the morning $25 buy-in tourney held every Sunday at Bordertown and earned 500 points toward the new quarter. Brenda Brand cashed in the morning tournament.
Joplin had 3 players left at the BORDERWAR when we went to the final table. Libby Tabor finished 5th with Joplin's strongest finish! Larry Pim and Frank McNamara also finished in the top 10. Here is a listing of the top ten finishers.
1st chopped 3 ways: Rick Gerard, Donna Ellis, Glyn Moppin
4th Tonis Carpenter-SGF
5th Libby Tabor-JOP
6th Matt Arnall-SGF
7th Tony Bencsek-SGF
8th Larry Pim-JOP
9th Taz Fenton-SGF
10th Frank McNamara-JOP