FINALLY, Joplin wins a Border War!!!! Joe Groce from Joplin and Leslie Thomas from Fayetteville were the last 2 players standing in Border Wars 9. They agreed to chop up the money, taking home $750 each and play a final hand for the title and the PARTY. Joe rivered a straight and took down the title. Leslie had made an AMAZING come back to end up heads up. When the blinds were 10k and 20k she had 4k in chips and was "ALL IN" in the blind. She won the hand to triple up and was all in again with JJ which held up which was good for a quadruple up. From there she was on auto pilot to heads up. Joe on the other hand was a dominate force throughout the whole tournament, coming to the final table as one of the chip leaders. He also won April's $50 bounty cracking her AA with Q 10, the flop was 10 10 5. GREAT JOB LESLIE and JOE! Here is a list of the rest of the final table and payouts. Curtis Walbe NWARK $300, Glyn Moppin NWARK $200, Paul Chowning JOP $100, Buck Conway JOP $75, April Borup SGF $75 and last SGF player, Thomas Fenner NWARK $50, Tim Carpenter SGF $50, James Deer SGF $50.

Also, the morning OMAHA tournament went much better than I expected. We had 84 players and I'd say 75 had never played before. But I think overall everyone had fun and some even left saying they liked it and would like to play again. The final table at the Omaha tournament was POKER PUB packed with Victor Staelens from SGF winning over $600. Laura Patterson (3rd) & Craig Thomas (4th) cashed from NWARK. Jay Cote NWARK was the BUBBLE. Kyle Glendenning (2nd), Joe Borup(5th), Cari Breckenridge (6th), Sandy Cheatum(7th), and Rick Gerard (8th) all cashed from SGF. Brent Patton was 10th and the only player from Joplin to make the final table.

All in all the day went well and I look forward to BORDER WAR 10.