The room was packed with 104 players from all across the country. The Poker Pub sent some of Joplin's best to Kansas City for a chance to meet Howard Lederer and play in Vegas for 5 nights and 6 days at Howard Lederer's Fantasy Camp. The play was tight by all (even by BAY "ALL IN, IN THE DARK" CARRIER). At the midway point Joplin still had 12 players battling, but despite the tight play and lots of marginal hands everyone was starting to get blinded out. Two Joplin players made it to the final table. Ryan " Waldo" Higgins and Danny "the fish" Hubbard. The action was fast and all out, Danny went all in with King, Jack against Ace Nine and hit his Jack on the turn for a nice double up. Even with the double up, Danny was still short stacked along with " Waldo". They were both slowly blinded out and finished in 5th and 6th place. Not bad at all . A good time seemed to be had by all but I'm sure everyone is glad to be back home.