Border War XII

Downstream Casino was more colorful than ever when The Poker Pub players from around the area were in town to compete in The Border War. Several players from Springfield were wearing Hawaiian shirts in memory of Clell Harmon. 129 Poker Pub players showed up to play in the 10:00 am $30 tournament. Taz and O'L (two Springfield players) chopped the morning tournament for $1000 each.
When it came time for The Border War, the room was buzzing, with everyone gunning for Fred "Woo' Johnson. The early action brought tales of both survival and success. Chicken Hawk was one of the players gunning for Fred "Woo" Johnson. Chicken Hawk continued his hyper-aggressive attack mode and knocked Mr. Woo out within the first 45 minutes. As play continued, players gained liquid courage and made amazing calls that brought them great success. With the blind levels reaching $10k and $20k there were 14 players remaining. Stacks were short and blind levels climbing, the remaing 14 players decided to chop for $165 each. A great day was had by all with several players walking away with pockets
full of cash! It is time to start earning your points for the next Border War at Downstream Casino Resort. Check your homepage for the game closest to you.