Border War IV Results


NWARK and Springfield chop it up!

Springfield maintained their Dynasty with a VERY STRONG finish yet again at Border War IV! Quapaw Casino was even CRAZIER on February 11th when Poker Pub players from around the area were in town to compete in Border War IV. A record 151 players showed up to play in the 10:30 am $25 buy-in tourney held every Sunday at Quapaw and earned 300 points toward the new quarter. Zach made a strong finish along with several other Poker Pub players in the 10:30 am tournament. Springfield looked to be a factor when we went to the final table with 6 players from Springfield in the top 10, it was no surprise that they held on to one of the top spots. Shanna Johnson from NWArk and Mark Ellis from Springfield chopped first and second with Donna Ellis coming in third. Joplin's Dave Bloomstand finished eighth and was the last man standing from Joplin for the second Border War in a row.

Here is a listing of the top ten finishers.
1st Shanna Johnson NWARK and Mark Ellis
3rd Donna Ellis
4th Dalton Kuse
5th Victor Staelens
6th Zach Warren
7th Mike Garrison
8th Dave Bloomstand
9th Stewart Rowan
10th Mark Nielsen