Arrive Early and GET MORE CHIPS!! New deductions for late entrants.

PLEASE NOTE: Starting on Monday, March 2 we will be implementing our new policy on early arrivals and late entrants into our tournaments.

We would like to reward our regular customers and loyal supporters of our venues! If you arrive at the venue *1 hour prior to the start of the first session you will receive **1000 extra starting chips! If you arrive at least *30 minutes prior the start of the first session you will receive **500 extra starting chips!

For late arrivals the deductions will be as follows: There will be a 10 minute grace period after the start of the tournament = no deduction in chips.
If you arrive between 11 minutes after the start of the tournament and the first blind raise, you will be deducted 2 small blinds and 2 big blinds = 150
If you arrive after the first blind raise you will be deducted 500 in chips. No player will be allowed into the tournament after the second blind raise.

We hope that this addresses some of the concern that our players have expressed. As always, our main goal is customer satisfaction! We would like to thank all of our venues for hosting our games and all of our loyal players for continuing to support these venues while helping make The Poker Pub the premiere free poker league in the nation!

*You must register with the Tournament Director upon arrival.
**Extra chips are for regular sessions only and do not include special tournaments.
The Poker Pub of SWMO reserves the right to alter or cancel promotions at any time.